Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Change to the Roundup. . .

Well, book-loving friends, I'm finding it a bit difficult to keep up the pace with posting both a weekly interview and a weekly book roundup, and it's only going to get more difficult for me in the near future as I have a writing retreat and a family vacation coming up. But I do want to continue the roundups so I've decided to change it to a monthly feature. Please keep your recommendations coming and I will include them in the August roundup.

But while we're on this topic, my friend Katherine alerted me to an NPR discussion that took place today between Megan Cox Gurdon (who wrote the original article that prompted my response in the form of the Light and Round Project) and YA author Lauren Myracle.  There was also an additional discussion today with the original article writer and YA author Maureen Johnson. Both definitely worth listening to.

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  1. Thanks for passing on; such a great discussion for writers and writing lovers to have!


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