Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bingo Book # 27

Bingo Book #27 is Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile by Won-Ldy Paye & Margaret H. Lippert, illustrated by Julie Paschkis. From the publisher:

Mrs. Chicken has to think fast to outwit hungry Crocodile, who wants to eat her for dinner.

One morning Mrs. Chicken took her bath in a puddle.
“Cluck, cluck,” she said proudly. “What a pretty chicken I am!”

Mrs. Chicken can’t see her wings in the puddle, so she walks down to the river where she can admire all of herself. She doesn’t know that Crocodile is there, waiting for dinner—and a tasty chicken would do nicely! To save herself, Mrs. Chicken tells Crocodile that they are sisters. But how can a speckled chicken and a green-skinned crocodile be related? Mrs. Chicken had better prove that they are, and fast, becasue Crocodile is getting hungrier. . . 

The authors and illustrator of Head, Body, Legs join together to create another lively retelling of a popular African folktale.


  1. BINGO! Victoria Bayer has a Bingo. I'm her mother and I'm watching her card since she's on stage tonight. :) What do I do next? Thanks!

  2. Oh, congratulations to Victoria! Alicia, I'll send you an email.

  3. BINGO! with OH NO! Whoo-hoooo!
    Dawn Dixon

  4. Wow, congrats you two! I'm not getting any... ever! :-(

  5. Hey congrats you guys ! Haha, I just spent ten minutes going through all of the books she already called. It's really funn !


  6. Congrats to the people who got Bingo!!!

  7. Book Bingo! I've got the third column covered: A Band of Angels; Abe; Building on Nature; Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile

    I've loved your commentaries. Thanks for the sparks in my work days.
    Camille Liscinsky


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